This weekend I took my sister to the LA Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.  She had never gone there before, and so we made a very special trip to explore.

We left San Diego/Temecula rather late.  We had many things that kept interfering with our plans to get on the road … as well as a couple of close calls on the road.  However, we were NOT going to let these things deter us.

Once we were finally on the road, with gas and cash, it was already pretty late in the day.  Around 3 PM we arrived.  Most shops would be closing between 5 & 6 PM.  This was perfectly well since it would prevent us from spending too much money.

I was really only on the lookout for notions and trims.  We spent quite a bit of our time in a store with a bunch of closeout/deep discount items.  We especially spent a lot of time picking serger thread (2/$1).  Some of them were smaller cones than others, but I was specifically looking for a certain type of color.  From there, we went inside the store, and then came back out to search the bins of 4 for $1 zippers.  I found many many separating zippers and metal zippers for pants, etc.  I even found some neat glow-in-dark zippers!  Inside, I found all kinds of hot fix rhinestones at super deep discount (50 gross for $10).  I needed rhinestones for my Bernina Crystal Works, so I bought a couple of mix assortments.

After this store, we started wandering in search of more supplies.  Our next stop was a couple of bead and bridal trim shops.  These places could be dangerous!  We bought a few rhinestone trims, but had to hurry since other shops would close soon.

We went to Michael Levine’s in search of coated canvas for my sister, and then we went to the “Loft”, where all fabric there was $3 per lb.  We each bought about 12 lbs.  Check out my selections below!