This project was the result of two penny pinching shopping episodes: 1) trip to the swap meet for cheap fabric remnants and 2) a JoAnn’s pattern sale. I already had the fabric, so I knew immediately what to do with this pattern when I saw it. The fabric was a small piece of super soft rayon sweater knit in deep purple and a salt and pepper wide stripe contrast. It was one of my favorite scores from the $5 for a 10 gallon bag of any fabric you can fit into it! It wasn’t an even cut, it was about 1 ½ yards with a significant corner cut from it.

This pattern is for knit tops with a loose cowl-like funnel collar (not quite a turtleneck) and asymmetrical hem options. It comes in XS, S, M, L and XL size options. The version on the model, with the directional texture inspired me to use the knit I had scored at the swap meet.

Based on the pattern measurements, I picked the size M. It flat measured a little snug across the bust, but it appeared to wear the same on the model, so I went with it. In retrospect, I think I like this fabric combo and design in a more oversized fit (kind of how it hangs on my smaller dress form).

The fact that the fabric was a funny shape made my layout a bit challenging. I wanted to use the stripes in a very specific way, but I didn’t have enough for the band on the asymmetric hem. I decided to piece this hem band with a perpendicular cut of another scrap. Also, I used ¾ length sleeves.

The pattern was entirely constructed on my combo serger/coverstitch in under an hour. It was truly a snap to assemble. The only adjustments I made were for the serger/coverstitch and I added stay tape to the shoulders.

I observed no problems with the instructions, or drafting. I don’t know that I would make another one because even though I really like it, I live in San Diego and I rarely find occasions where I would wear something like this. I love fall wardrobes, but we don’t really have them here. That’s still not enough of a reason to live somewhere else! LOL!