I’ve recently taken an interest in working with leather.  I plan to sew my own designer leather jacket in the very near future.

I love leather jackets, and there are so many wonderful hides on the market now! The new treatment and laser etching techniques inspire my creativity!  I actually ordered a few, which are on their way from Europe.  I’ll post photos when they arrive, but in the meanwhile I’ve started to some research for some design ideas.  What I found was that … well … I have expensive taste.  Everything I like, except a Barney’s Jacket (which I bought), is in the $1,500 – $3,000 range.  I would like to say that I’m saving money sewing, but the reality is that this hobby has become Pandora’s box!

Here below are some of my favorites that I’ve collected for inspiration:

There’s a mix of influences here, but the styles I like seem to be dominated by simplicity and asymmetry.  I think I will attempt to copy the Hugo Boss jacket and DKNY skirt first, and then branch out to the Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens styles.

Oh boy, 2016 is going to be fun!