For the sake of nostalgia, I am uploading the images from the old website. I believe those were in the 2005-2007 range.

Was it that long ago that I last posted?

BWOF Twist Top

So here we have the famous “BWOF Twist Top”, item #113 from Burda World of Fashion, April 2005. I used a montage buttermilk from Emma One Sock. I actually had to locate this issue on eBay b/c the twist top was not yet common in 2007, like it is today. This trend has really had some staying power! Because most Burda patterns have interchangeable pieces, this one was a Frankenstein between August 2007, #111b and the famous twist top.

Sherlock Holmes

This one I just recently gave to my sister. It is from August, 2007 #111b. Even today, I surprise myself with how well this turned out. It wasn’t until 2014 that the slippery belt was modified for my sister 😉

As you can see below, I carefully documented installing the welts for my previous blog.

Keyhole Cut-outs

I made two of these boat neck knit tees with a keyhole back from the July 2007 issue (#105b). Both are made from roll ends purchased at Emma One Sock. I’m not even sure I blogged about them! But here they are, LOL!

Sundressed to perfection

Here is a cute little sundress with contrast piping from the July 2007 issue (#124c)! My sister also scored this one 😉 I bought the fabric from Mood Fabrics in Los Angeles. This one has built in bra cups.

A shirt for work

Last, but certainly not least, is a cute little buttondown peplum shirt from the Oct 2006 issue, #124. I got a lot of wear out of this … and surprisingly enough, this was a cheap JoAnn’s shirting!