My name is Krystin Baker, aka “twistedangel”, and I am the sole owner, operator, designer and maintainer of this website.  I am also an automotive enthusiast.   “twistedangel”, a cross-over name from the racing community, is the call sign I’ve owned locally since I was 19.

I hold a career in engineering, but I have had a passion for arts and design as early as I can remember, particularly fashion – which brings my engineering and arts backgrounds together nicely.

I live in both San Diego, CA, USA and Washington DC (Metro Area), USA with my two cats and dog.

Krystin Baker with Dannette Budd at Disneyworld Magic Kingdom


Krystin Baker learning to sew (1983)

I have been sewing for over 30 years.  I originally learned from my grandmother on her Singer 206k sewing machine – which I now own.  My primary machines are Jack F4 for sewing, Bernina for embroidery (830e) and Babylock overlockers (Ovation).  I prefer to sew unique and eye catching pieces, therefore I experiment a lot with prints, colors, embellishment and drafting.

I don’t get to write about everything I sew, but I try.


I believe inspiration and new ideas are what keeps me engaged in this hobby.  I hope to publish my work to help you with more consistent project success, as well as inspire you to try new things.

This hobby is 90% dedication and focus.  Anyone can make beautiful things, the access to instructors and ideas will help you overcome the learning curve.  For those that have many years of practice, you can never get enough inspiration!

Hi! I'm Krystin Baker, the owner and operator of this site!

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